Do Nike pay fair wages and does anybody care?

I tend to wear clothes until they literally disintegrate. Yes, I do wash them regularly but for me when you get used to something it’s comfortable to keep on wearing it. Anyway I was very surprized the other day when I looked at a pair of old shorts that I only wear occasionally. They were manufactured by Nike and these days I would never buy anything by them because of the way they treat the workers that produce the branded goods. Then I noticed as you will see in this photograph that these shorts were made in the UK. Nike Pay Fair Wages???? I can’t believe that that still happens and it means I guess that they must have paid their staff reasonably fairly. So do you buy Nike goods? Do you care about the working conditions and the wages of the workers who produced what you buy? Remember it is only dumb animals that are ever branded so are you a sheep or a free thinker. One of the vacuous dead heads or somebody with complex thoughts in their head?


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