Zero hour contracts

Zero hour contracts. I read something really crazy in City AM the other day and as I have mentioned before I read it to get the views of the more right wing press. A small article stated that employees on these contracts are as happy as permanent staff. This is according to research by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. I wonder how much their staff get paid and how much they get paid for churning out this staff. It doesn’t say how large the survey was but logic states that unless these individuals are either brainwashed or taking a lot of illegal substances that this sort of employment must be deleterious to feeling comfortable about whether they can pay their rent or bills, and just forget  about a mortgage. A zero hour contract appears juxtaposed to the current Conservatives idea that everyone in the UK can own their own home. Or maybe the CIPD just compared them with low paid permanent staff who feel exactly the same way about their hazardous financial situation.


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