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Photographs of some impressive machinery.

De Soto – a rare car found in Cuba

We came across this un-restored car when visiting friends in Cuba. These cars are a moving museum, part of Cuba’s cultural history and there is no way that they should be allowed to be exported out of the country. They are a tribute to the Cuban people and the inhumane blockade exacted on them by the United States.




Ban private cars from our city centres

Our cities our polluted, we are all being harmed by the people driving into them in their four wheel drives and Audi/BMW/VW etc etc etc. So no more private cars should be allowed, only buses, taxis, short term rental cars, bicycles, scooters, motorcycles and maybe even these could be like renting the Boris bikes. It would be better for our health and our journey times would be reduced. The Twizy

The Fab Four – The Beetles in Vevey Switzerland

Not those Beatles, the other Beetles The Fab Four, The Beatles in Vevey Switzerland seen here in the 2014 Vevey Retro Car Show held on the 14th of September 2014. See other photos on our Flickr or Junagarh Media sites, ,

Rolls Royce Spirit of Ecstasy – 2013 Stony Stratford Classic Car Show

I took this photo at the 2013 Stony Stratford Classic Car Show. It is always a great show and well attended and on this June the 2nd day we had great weather as well. The picture of the front has the Flying or Silver Lady or Emily Rolls Royce Flying Lady Stony Stratford Classic Show DSC09388 020613 as it is known on it and this bonnet ornament carries an interesting history. The second Baron Montagu of Beaulieu commissioned a sculpture for his 1910 Rolls Royce and he asked Charles Robinson Sykes to use Eleanor Velasco Thornton as the model. John Walter the second baron had fallen in love with Eleanor back in 1902 but he was already married and apart from that she was from a lower class. That still stops individuals getting together today, something I hate. Unfortunately Eleanor died in 1915 when the ship, the SS Persia was sunk by a U-boat. She had been travelling to India with John Walker who was being sent there to take over a command. A sad story. Photograph copyright Junagarh Media,

Restored American Classic Car in Trinidad Cuba

I pictured this beautifully restored American car in the city of Trinidad with the Museum of the Revolution in the background. "Cuban Car", Classic US car, Trinidad, Cuba While I love cars myself (and I would like to find a way of sharing mine) I’m hoping that two things don’t happen with the thawing of US Cuban relations. The first is that these old cars don’t just get scrapped or exported to collectors in the rest of the world. They are now part of Cuba’s heritage and as such should be restored and used in Cuba. Secondly, I hope that Cuba doesn’t get flooded with new cars as that is the last thing it needs. Many of the streets are small and narrow and the Cuban cities don’t need to end up looking like any capitalist city. As Cuba is starting from scratch as it were it needs an organised scheme of shared car ownership where cars can be booked for an hour or more when needed and are placed conveniently throughout towns and cities. This in association with a decent public transport system should keep the streets clear, safe and clean and not tie up money on these expensive items which for most people sit idle for much of the day. The crazy world of the West is like it is because of poorly designed, inconvenient and expensive public transport systems. My hope that as in most other things that Cuba does that it again dares to be different. Copyright Junagarh Media,

Havana Classic Car 18 290303rDeSoto Close Up Santa Clara Cuba

A Morris Ten Six at the 2013 Stony Stratford Classic Car Show

The weather was kind on the 2nd of June 2013 for the Stony Stratford Classic Car Show. There was a large variety of cars from all different ages and in various conditions from the rolling restoration to fully restored and highly polished as seen in this photograph of a Morris Ten Six.SONY DSC It was surely in as good if not better condition than when it left the showroom all those years ago. I think that this was a Morris Ten Six Special sports, . We need to preserve our past, we cannot preserve everything but industrial heritage is very important. It shows us where we came from just as much as preserving ancient antiquities. My personal interest will always be the former over the latter though. You can see a lot more of our photographic work at

My first photo for the blog

Stony Stratford is this great little town on the edge of Milton Keynes, its obese neighbour, that spreads and threatens to engulf the little towns around it with its blandness and lack of individuality. Thankfully places like Stony Stratford still have some character.

A beautifully restored Jaguar E Type being displayed at the 2013 Stony Stratford Classic Car Show.

A beautifully restored Jaguar E Type being displayed at the 2013 Stony Stratford Classic Car Show.

This photo was taken on the 2nd of June 2013 at the 2013 Stony Stratford Classic Car Show. Thankfully, it was a glorious summer day.