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Chocolate – Our exploitation of workers

As we eat perhaps even more chocolate than usual on a day for the Christians among us, the masses go round stuffing their faces unaware or uncaring at the level of our corporate exploitation of black workers. Slavery never went away, it just got buried by those in the marketing and advertising professions whose evil daily work covers up their corporate masters greed and profiteering at any cost. Economic slaves taste chocolate for the first time


Fish and Chips Herne Hill London – The Famous Olley’s Fish Experience

It’s Friday night and we are walking along Norwood Road in Herne Hill only to find that the Portuguese restaurant that we were going to try isn’t open or has probably closed permanently being that it is Friday night. Not far away is a fish and chip shop and not just any old fish and chip shop so we go there instead. They call it an experience and it certainly is. The setting is very nice and different and the food excellent. The staff are very welcoming and the prices are more than reasonable. If you get a chance to visit then please do.

The Old Kings Head

I haven’t had the pleasure of going for a drink in this pub although I should have by now. It does look fairly traditional East End boozer. The outside is amazing. Check out these superb green tiles. The Old Kings Head Scrutton Street London EC2 It is located on the corner of Scrutton Street and Holywell Road in Shoreditch in London. Green Tiles Old Kings Head Scrutton Street London EC2 Copyright

It’s No Yolk Can Anybody Be Dumb Enough To Buy This?

I thought maybe that I had missed a few weeks and it was April 1st when a colleague pointed out this article in the Metro newspaper. Are people allowed to play April 1st jokes before the date?

I know that there are a group of people out there who are completely dumb, lazy, vacuous, rich or a combination of these things and that if humanity were mainly made up of these people then the human race would be rapidly heading towards an evolutionary dead end but this really does take the biscuit 🙂

There are some of us out there who can’t even boil an egg and as such are prepared to pay for a semi prepared boiled egg which still needs to be placed in boiling water. But isn’t that what you do anyway? This must be the greatest legal confidence trick going. Next up selling packaged ice to the Eskimos.

Check this out, the Yowk at If you buy this and then complain that you haven’t got enough money you shouldn’t be allowed out on your own as you are dangerous to the rest of us so no breeding.The yolk is on you!

The Fish and Chip Shop – Roxburgh New Zealand

I don’t know if this place is still there but when we passed through the small town of Roxburgh in New Zealand we came across this great little fish and chip shop. "Insane Chips", Roxburgh, New Zealand New Zealand is a beautiful place to visit and I can’t recommend it strongly enough as a place to go for a holiday. Driving around was so easy when we were there. The scenery is magnificent and being quite small you can see mountains and the oceans on the same day. I do remember one or two Kiwis that I have met though saying that there is or was a joke about the last person to leave would they please turn the lights out. For many young people it doesn’t have enough to offer. Copyright Junagarh Media,

"Still Pink", The Pantanal, Brazil"Glass Night", Dom Bosco church, Brasilia, Brazil

Restaurant review – Pappa Roma South Kensington

I think we have been to this great little restaurant in Glendower Place three times after seeing films at the Cine Lumiere just round the corner. The food is nice and very tasty, the staff very pleasant and the prices very reasonable. We will definitely be going again.

Restaurant in Kilburn London – Small and Beautiful

Small and Beautiful is a little gem of a restaurant in Kilburn in London. It is independent and nicely and uniquely decorated. The food is well cooked and presented with plenty of flavour and the prices are very reasonable. We went there before we went to see the comedian Mark Thomas at the Tricycle theatre. Definitely worth a visit.