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Bus Station Art – Spare Parts from old Buses Coro Venezuela

I’m sure that if you welded together a load of scrap iron and then painted it in the UK or some other countries and displayed it somewhere that you would get paid a fortune for what your average trainee welder probably gets paid a pittance for. Yes, I know I’m very cynical. Maybe in Coro, Venezuela where this photo "Bus Station Art", Coro, Venezuela was taken the person or persons who created this wonderful piece of work were too or maybe they were just paid for doing a decent day’s work like the rest of us. Art is for everyone isn’t it? We did think however that at the time there was very little difference between the buses running and the ones hanging on the wall. On one bus we experienced a dramatic bang from some suspension component failing. The trouble was that the used part that they replaced it with didn’t look all that different from the component being removed. But that’s how a lot of the world still works. Copyright Junagarh Media, http://www.junagarhmedia.co.uk.

"Green Path", Much Wenlock, Shropshire, UKThe Landscape of a Shropshire Summer's Day


The Fish and Chip Shop – Roxburgh New Zealand

I don’t know if this place is still there but when we passed through the small town of Roxburgh in New Zealand we came across this great little fish and chip shop. "Insane Chips", Roxburgh, New Zealand New Zealand is a beautiful place to visit and I can’t recommend it strongly enough as a place to go for a holiday. Driving around was so easy when we were there. The scenery is magnificent and being quite small you can see mountains and the oceans on the same day. I do remember one or two Kiwis that I have met though saying that there is or was a joke about the last person to leave would they please turn the lights out. For many young people it doesn’t have enough to offer. Copyright Junagarh Media, http://www.junagarhmedia.co.uk.

"Still Pink", The Pantanal, Brazil"Glass Night", Dom Bosco church, Brasilia, Brazil

The serenity of Lake Titicaca – Mirrored clouds Peru

Lake Titicaca is one of the many amazing places on this planet and at 3800 metres is generally regarded as the highest navigable lake. We were there, unfortunately many years ago, and we were lucky to have this wonderful day with the blue sky, the blue water and the white clouds. "Mirrored Clouds", Lake Titicaca, Peru It was very warm to start with when we took our tour of the lake from Puno but at that height the temperature quickly fell as the sun became lower in the sky. We were fortunate unlike many others who had warmer clothing with us as it was an open boat. A fantastic experience if you manage to get there. We actually sell this photo as a card and in various other formats from our website, http://www.junagarhmedia.co.uk.