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Saturday 8th April 2017 London

We found a great Fullers pub not far from Paddington station, The Victoria. Nice sunny day as well. The Victoria pub near Paddington IMG_0283


Infinity and Beyond – Heading South from Formosa in Argentina

I was just looking at the next photograph to put on our Flickr site, https://www.flickr.com/photos/21104365@N06/, and I came across this one. Is it any wonder why some of us in the past thought that the Earth was flat To Infinity and Beyond - Heading South from Formosa Argentina given what we see in this picture? Given that the only mode of transport on land until fairly recently in our history would have been on foot or by horse the world would have looked very flat to many. Good thing we have the international space station, satellites and we have been to the moon to prove otherwise. You can see and buy any of our work on our website, http://www.junagarhmedia.co.uk .

Brief existence – Bubble in the sky above Lausanne, Switzerland

A wonderful summer’s day in the beautiful city of Lausanne in Switzerland. It was a Saturday morning, August the 9th 2014 and there was a man in the square called Place de la Palud blowing bubbles for the children. Brief Existence Bubble in a Blue Sky Lausanne Switzerland¬†For this bubble lived for a few brief moments as it ascended in the heat of that August day. In terms of complexity was it any more complex as a bubble than as a collection of soap molecules. Something to ponder. This photograph is available from us at www.junagarhmedia.co.uk.