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Bubbles lift you up

I was extremely lucky with timing when I took this photo. The little girl was jumping up to catch a bubble blown by a man blowing bubbles for children on a sunny morning in Lausanne, Switzerland. Bubbles Lift You Up Place de la Palud Lausanne Switzerland Copyright http://www.junagarhmedia.co.uk


Brief existence – Bubble in the sky above Lausanne, Switzerland

A wonderful summer’s day in the beautiful city of Lausanne in Switzerland. It was a Saturday morning, August the 9th 2014 and there was a man in the square called Place de la Palud blowing bubbles for the children. Brief Existence Bubble in a Blue Sky Lausanne Switzerland¬†For this bubble lived for a few brief moments as it ascended in the heat of that August day. In terms of complexity was it any more complex as a bubble than as a collection of soap molecules. Something to ponder. This photograph is available from us at www.junagarhmedia.co.uk.