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Legless dog seen in Cuba

It was actually a small dog resting it’s legs. Seen here sitting on the doorstep of what I suspect is the owner’s house in Sancti Spiritus. SONY DSC Copyright Paul Andrews and Caroline Schmutz, junagarh Media, http://www.junagarhmedia.co.uk


Parade of Volunteer Firemen and the dog came too – Asuncion Paraguay

On one of our trips to Paraguay we went to the local fire station in Sajonia where one of family that we know there was volunteering. The fire station is staffed by volunteers only although I could be wrong on that one and if I remember correctly the equipment is all donated. Firemen and dog 0459, Asunción, Paraguay We were very fortunate on the day that we went as they had a ceremony to mark the opening of their museum room in the station and we were very honoured to be there. I don’t know if the dog belonged to one of the volunteers, I think it did, but it quite clearly wanted to take part in the line up. Copyright Junagarh Media, http://www.junagarhmedia.co.uk.

Bomberos Buenos Aires