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Space Invaders – They are all around us part 1

I’m a great fan of street art and tasteful graffiti where our cities are canvases often for people without a voice or just a place for some fantastic artists to display their work. This is a photo taken from Lausanne cathedral looking over a wall of the grounds at the rooftops of the city. And there high on one of the"Space invador", The invaders, Space invader, Lausanne, Switzerland 04711 chimneys is a tiled space invader.  You have to ask how did it get there? Did the person or persons have permission to put it there? Does the owner of the building know it is there? Or did the artist, like some human cat, just decide that this was a place to place one. Maybe not to everyone’s taste perhaps but this is so subtle I don’t think it does any harm whatsoever. Unless of course our human cat put his or her foot through the roof.