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Rolls Royce Spirit of Ecstasy – 2013 Stony Stratford Classic Car Show

I took this photo at the 2013 Stony Stratford Classic Car Show. It is always a great show and well attended and on this June the 2nd day we had great weather as well. The picture of the front has the Flying or Silver Lady or Emily Rolls Royce Flying Lady Stony Stratford Classic Show DSC09388 020613 as it is known on it and this bonnet ornament carries an interesting history. The second Baron Montagu of Beaulieu commissioned a sculpture for his 1910 Rolls Royce and he asked Charles Robinson Sykes to use Eleanor Velasco Thornton as the model. John Walter the second baron had fallen in love with Eleanor back in 1902 but he was already married and apart from that she was from a lower class. That still stops individuals getting together today, something I hate. Unfortunately Eleanor died in 1915 when the ship, the SS Persia was sunk by a U-boat. She had been travelling to India with John Walker who was being sent there to take over a command. A sad story. Photograph copyright Junagarh Media, http://www.junagarhmedia.co.uk.


Say No to Tesburys – Another English high street in danger

As if the economic times weren’t bad enough one of those evil supermarket chains, I’m sure you all know the one, want to destroy the little high street of Stony Stratford I heard today from a local trader. Not happy with screwing our farmers and small companies and having failed to completely destroy our way of life with out of town hyper stores and despite their dubious accounting practices (let’s put some of them in jail) they now want to have a second go. And without the rosy marketing picture painted by these greedy corporate bully boys let’s face it if this planning application goes through then there is going to be a lot more empty shops in Stony Stratford then there is now. They will tell you that it will attract more people to the town without mentioning that Stony Stratford already has a parking problem and due to it’s layout can only support the local people that live there and reasonably close. They come to destroy so say no to any application that is made.

A Morris Ten Six at the 2013 Stony Stratford Classic Car Show

The weather was kind on the 2nd of June 2013 for the Stony Stratford Classic Car Show. There was a large variety of cars from all different ages and in various conditions from the rolling restoration to fully restored and highly polished as seen in this photograph of a Morris Ten Six.SONY DSC It was surely in as good if not better condition than when it left the showroom all those years ago. I think that this was a Morris Ten Six Special sports, . We need to preserve our past, we cannot preserve everything but industrial heritage is very important. It shows us where we came from just as much as preserving ancient antiquities. My personal interest will always be the former over the latter though. You can see a lot more of our photographic work at www.junagarhmedia.co.uk.

My first photo for the blog

Stony Stratford is this great little town on the edge of Milton Keynes, its obese neighbour, that spreads and threatens to engulf the little towns around it with its blandness and lack of individuality. Thankfully places like Stony Stratford still have some character.

A beautifully restored Jaguar E Type being displayed at the 2013 Stony Stratford Classic Car Show.

A beautifully restored Jaguar E Type being displayed at the 2013 Stony Stratford Classic Car Show.

This photo was taken on the 2nd of June 2013 at the 2013 Stony Stratford Classic Car Show. Thankfully, it was a glorious summer day.